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He was found guilty of seven counts of first degree murder and sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

In 2008 this case was studied on the psychology program Most Evil.

From the moment she was born and throughout this tragic past 8 months, the Star Legacy foundation and it's strong and inspirational members have been...

In 1923, the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library was built and established by Junius Beebe, the son of Lucius Beebe.

The first weekly newspaper in Wakefield was established in 1858. The company is particularly notable for its extensive line of balsa wood model airplane kits.

At the time it was spelled South Redding, not South Reading.

The railroad was chartered and built in 1844 between Wilmington and Boston.

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It officially separated from Lynn and incorporated as Reading in 1644 when the first church (First Parish Congregational Church) and the first mill were established.

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