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—if you’re ready to consider the idea of expatriating in full, this live presentation from the world’s leading expatriation expert will guide you through everything you need to know to navigate the process safely and effectively...Remember, as with all This Ultimate Overseas Property Guide includes the 26 all-new Expert Recordings and Presentations from our Live & Invest Overseas Global Property Summit (a US0 value)... Our Overseas Haven Reports contain complete details on opportunities in some of the world's top havens right now.The United Kingdom (UK) is an island nation located in Western Europe.It has a long history of worldwide exploration and it is known for its historic colonies around the world.Specifically, these criteria are: is the best way to introduce yourself to the exciting but tricky world of overseas retirement.Live and Invest Overseas Founder and Publisher Kathleen Peddicord takes her years of experience covering the retire-overseas beat and combines it with the counsel of a far-flung team of international experts, folks with flip flops on the ground exploring and living the best overseas retirement opportunities on the planet, to break your best options down into the most thinly sliced, compared-and-contrasted, and expertly researched retirement index available this side of paradise.Maybe you want city distractions to keep you occupied in your retirement years..perhaps you yearn for nothing more than a few private acres in a cool mountain region where your neighbors would be few and the views and the climate idyllic... If you're considering your options for living, retiring, investing, or doing business overseas, each of the resources below will help you not only choose, but get you on your way to making the move a reality.

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The information shared ranks among the most expert in the world, and included invaluable advice on banking, tax, residency, citizenship, asset-protection, international business, and offshore investing. Start with some Caribbean island life and all that implies (sun, surf, soft trade winds), add a dollop of laid-back Latin American culture, throw in a generous helping of U. mainland-style amenities and, finally, some truly remarkable tax advantages at the moment, and you have Puerto Rico. If island life calls you, then Puerto Rico is worth considering as much as any other tropical island.

Now that the event is over, you can purchase the complete set of recordings from the event, our Wealth Building and Diversification Kit. Making the move to Puerto Rico is, in many ways, far easier than making a move to Belize or Nicaragua.

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For reference, their populations and capital cities have also been included.1) British Antarctic Territory Area: 660,000 square miles (1,709,400 sq km)Population: No permanent population Capital: Rothera2) Falkland Islands Area: 4,700 square miles (12,173 sq km)Population: 2,955 (2006 estimate)Capital: Stanley3) South Sandwich and the South Georgia Islands Area: 1,570 square miles (4,066 sq km)Population: 30 (2006 estimate)Capital: King Edward Point4) Turks and Caicos Islands Area: 166 square miles (430 sq km)Population: 32,000 (2006 estimate)Capital: Cockburn Town5) Saint Helena, Saint Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Area: 162 square miles (420 sq km)Population: 5,661 (2008 estimate)Capital: Jamestown6) Cayman Islands Area: 100 square miles (259 sq km)Population: 54,878 (2010 estimate)Capital: George Town7) Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia Area: 98 square miles (255 sq km)Population: 14,000 (date unknown)Capital: Episkopi Cantonment8) British Virgin Islands Area: 59 square miles (153 sq km)Population: 27,000 (2005 estimate)Capital: Road Town9) Anguilla Area: 56.4 square miles (146 sq km)Population: 13,600 (2006 estimate)Capital: The Valley10) Montserrat Area: 39 square miles (101 sq km)Population: 4,655 (2006 estimate)Capital: Plymouth (abandoned); Brades (center of government today)11) Bermuda Area: 20.8 square miles (54 sq km)Population: 64,000 (2007 estimate)Capital: Hamilton12) British Indian Ocean Territory Area: 18 square miles (46 sq km)Population: 4,000 (date unknown)Capital: Diego Garcia13) Pitcairn Islands Area: 17 square miles (45 sq km)Population: 51 (2008 estimate)Capital: Adamstown14) Gibraltar Area: 2.5 square miles (6.5 sq km)Population: 28,800 (2005 estimate)Capital: Gibraltar References Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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