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Old dark cavern chat

Other notable examples are Fukushima and Pripyat/Chernobyl. MJ told us she wasn’t aware of the risk of collapse until after she visited and shot these photos. In the forties and fifties when Picher was booming, it was a different time and people did not guard their treasures the way we do today. To the left of the church, through the trees, a huge chat pile.The chat piles look like the Badlands of the midwest.For such a deserted town, there’s a LOT of traffic through Picher.The only alternative highway to the turnpike between Joplin and Tulsa runs through the center of town.Second, when it rains, runoff from the chat piles gets into the local water supply, as does water from abandoned mineshafts where there are no longer any pumps to keep them from flooding, and the town water becomes hazardous to drink.The pollution of Picher caused a plethora of health problems for area residents.The concept bore out from Crowther's background as a caving enthusiast, with the game's cave structured loosely around the Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky.Colossal Cave Adventure is the first known work of interactive fiction and, as the first text adventure game, is considered the precursor for the adventure game genre.

It is one of, if not the worst, industrial environmental disaster in the United States, and one of very few industrial exclusion zones on the planet. If you went to this church, would you stand for the mining industry piling toxic waste on the ground, right across the road?Colossal Cave Adventure also contributed towards the role playing and roguelike genres.Adventure has the player's character explore a mysterious cave that is rumored to be filled with treasure and gold.Lastly, and most frightening if you ask me, is the undermining of the town.The lead and zinc mined in this area was gathered from huge caverns excavated underground by the miners.

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YOU ARE STANDING AT THE END OF A ROAD BEFORE A SMALL BRICK BUILDING. A SMALL STREAM FLOWS OUT OF THE BUILDING AND DOWN A GULLY. Certain actions may cause the death of the character (player has three lives), requiring the player to start again.

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