American men dating mexican women sex dating in grubbs arkansas

American men dating mexican women

People in love are happy,and can do nothing but smile at the happiness of others, regardless of what race they are choosing to share themselves with.

Haters are miserable (pray for them..wink)and misery loves company so stay true to yourself, and you wont have regrets down the line n love. The love that he shown was on a whole different level.

This takes guts, just read about Richard and Mildred Loving. The Black men I have dated, don't show respect for a Black Lady. We love each other very much but it is so hard because unfortunately people do judge us. When we hold hands in public people stare and one time a lady even shook her head at us!

Of course this was said in spanish which she assumed that I didnt understand.

I believe that interracial dating of all kind is beautiful and people will always have their views, I too speak what's on my mind, but on the other hand just love who you love and care less about what people think. Sometimes when we walk hand and hand down the street we get rude comments and looks, all from black men. It is when you open your mouth that there is a problem.

But as long as they keep that bullshit to their selfs won't b no shit I've always love black women and get the same problem. To me they tell me anything they want but when someone disrespects my black queen they are in big trouble. This is the first time I am dating outside my race and so far it is the BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE! There is an Hispanic guy I met when I was 17 n high school. We hit it off right away, on the phone from the evening till the 6 n the morning. But,he wasnt ready for anything serious, did his thing, I did mine,however, we still cared deeply for one another.

I actually am ashamed to admit it but I prefer mexican guys over most guys besides indian guys I'm into anything brown. I receive rude looks from different people of all race. He was the guy my "new boos" would get compared to.

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I am also a Black woman dating a Mexican man and I also have the same problem.

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